At Betterment, we’re constantly sharing content around the office. This list of weekend reading a “best of” from what we came across. If you found an article insightful, helpful, or interesting during the week, let us know on social media. You may find your name on the Betterment blog.

Weekend Reading

From around the web:

Everything I Know About Investing I Learned From My Drivers’ Ed Teacher (WSJ)

Lessons from the road about investing, plus a walk down memory lane with one of our country’s favorite pastimes: drivers ed.

Tinkering Too Much With an ETF Might Not Pay (New York Times)

The proliferation of ETFs has brought about new ways to “enhance” them tactically. A strategic portfolio, however, is likely the best method to achieve your long-term investment goals.

Companies Squeeze 401K Plans From Facebook to JPMorgan (Bloomberg)

The rules of the 401K game are changing. As companies cut back on matches and other program benefits, we think Betterment is an even more timely product for employees who are going to have to save on their own for retirement.

Most Expensive Place to Find Out Who You Are (Moneybeat)

We enjoyed the points made about behavioral tendencies and risk tolerance, especially the reminder for defensive investors to monitor themselves carefully in uncertain markets.