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Weekend Reading

From around the web:

What Happens at Netflix When House of Cards Goes Live (Marketplace)

Using vast amounts of valuable data, Netflix engineers are able to pinpoint exactly what viewers want to see. And they know that you binge-watched House of Cards.

The Crushingly Expensive Mistake Killing Your Retirement (The Atlantic)

You know how compound interest can magically work in your favor? When it comes to fees, the same compounding principles can leave thousands of your retirement dollars in the pockets of fund providers. Read why it’s crucial to know what you’re paying for, and how much.

The Hefty Yoke of Student Loan Debt (The New York Times)

Five years after the credit crisis, almost all kinds of lending standards have tightened considerably. The elephant in the room? Student loans, that could keep this generation of workers from owning homes and contributing to retirement products like 401(K)s.

You Can Pay Off Your Student Loans By Doing Good For The World (Huffington Post)

If you do have student loans, don’t fear: there are many creative ways popping up to pay them off faster. Taking a nonprofit job, for example, is an increasingly popular method to eliminate the student load burden while doing good for the world.

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