At Betterment, we’re constantly sharing content around the office. This list of weekend reading is a “best of” from what we came across. If you found an article insightful, helpful, or interesting during the week, let us know on social media. You may find your name on the Betterment blog.


From around the web:

A Simple Change That Would Help Millions of Investors (The Motley Fool)

The Motley Fool wrote an excellent piece about how fees are crushing the retail investor. The average revenue an IRA investor earns for Fidelity will make your jaw drop. 

The New Hedge-Fund-Like Retail Funds (Wall Street Journal)

Retail hedge funds (or hedge fund-like products) claim to give individual investors the same type of whiz-bang performance of an institutional fund, but should people really take them seriously?

Teen to Government: Change Your Typeface, Save Millions (CNN)

We loved this piece about how a high school student’s creative thinking and science fair project turned into a billion dollar cost-cutting proposal to the government.

Why Millennials Would Choose a Root Canal Over Listening to a Banker (Time)

Millennials have had it with traditional banks. Now it’s up to the banks to come up with new ways to appeal to their customers, or continue to alienate a generation.

Don’t miss these on the Betterment blog:

Jon Stein: My 4 Core Investing Principles

“Often new customers write to me and ask, what can I do to build wealth faster? The answer doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Use Your Bonus Wisely to Catch a Tax Break

Here’s how you can reduce the impact of taxes and get the max out of your bonus.

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