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Meet Blazer: A New Open-Source Project from Betterment (video)

While we love the simplicity and flexibility of Backbone, we’ve recently encountered situations where the Backbone router didn’t perfectly fit the needs of our increasingly sophisticated application. To meet these needs, we created Blazer, an extension of the Backbone router.

7 Holiday Money Tips from Betterment

Betterment staff shares money tips to keep on track with larger financial goals during this season of spending.

Building a Data Team from the Ground Up (Video)

Watch: Lead engineer Yuriy Goldman shares the steps he took to "bootstrap" Betterment's internal data team.

Stephen Dubner: ‘Think Like a Freak’ Event Highlights [video]

Watch highlights from a special event with Freakonomics Radio host Stephen Dubner at Betterment HQ.

Mad Money Host Jim Cramer Talks Investing with Betterment

Mad Money's Jim Cramer speaks with Betterment founder and CEO Jon Stein.

Jon Stein: Automated Rebalancing and Your Tax Bill (video)

CEO Jon Stein explains how our automated rebalancing feature helps keep your tax bill as low as possible.

Selecting an IRA: Ask Yourself ‘Tax Free Now or Later?’ (video)

The best choice for you may depend on your current income tax rate, your future projected income tax rate and possibly other factors.

Jon Stein: ‘Better Results in Less Time’ (video)

In this short video interview, CEO Jon Stein explains why he started Betterment.


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