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What To Do When You Over-Contribute to an IRA

IRAs have contribution limits. Advisors like Betterment help to prevent you from over-contributing, but if you have multiple IRAs, you can easily over-contribute without meaning to. Learn what to do if you unintentionally contribute more than this year’s limit.

Meet Your Personalized Investment Manager

Our service is more than just intelligent portfolio recommendations—it’s about making life better, and making peace of mind accessible to anyone in five minutes or less.

4 Reasons to Sync Your Accounts with Betterment

Now when you sync your outside investment accounts with Betterment, you can see your total net worth in one place. You can also see details about your non-Betterment investments, including fund allocations, holdings, fees, and idle cash that could be earning more.

4 Myths About Diversification

What is diversification? Many investors know that they should be diversified, but don’t understand what that really means. Here, we break it down for you—along with four big misconceptions about being diversified.

Experiencing Short-Term Losses Is a Part of Long-Term Gains

Far from unusual, downturns are an integral part of even the highest returning investments.

Improving Retirement Planning with Synced External Accounts

Betterment's retirement planning advice aims to give you personalized answers based on your whole financial picture. For that, syncing external accounts is critical.

Why Comparing Returns Is a Bad Way to Choose an Investment Manager

Short-term or recent returns give little information about future returns, and they increase the odds you’ll make a bad decision.

9 Reasons Goal-Based Investing Leads to Success

What exactly are you saving and investing for? This is a serious moment of self inquiry.

Introducing Tax Loss Harvesting+

Our service is twice as effective as other TLH strategies.

This Is Why an ETF Portfolio Serves You Better

ETFs are the next level in access, flexibility, and cost. Here’s a look at the five key attributes that make ETFs right for Betterment customers.

How Technology Leverages Investing Basics

You're hearing more and more about automated investing, but what's the real advantage? This basic answer might surprise you.

Can You Have a 401(k) and an IRA?

Juggling retirement accounts can be tricky. With open enrollment season coming up, here's how to maximize yours.

Safety Net Funds: Why Traditional Advice Is Wrong

Don’t keep your safety net fund in cash savings accounts. Odds are you’ll lose money due to inflation, and lose out on potential growth of your savings.

What Is Rebalancing? We Explain

Rebalancing is smart because it reduces your risk exposure by maintaining your desired asset allocation. To make your life simpler, we do it for you—automatically.


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