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Why the S&P 500 Is a Bad Benchmark

Using a regional indicator to look at your portfolio of global holdings doesn’t provide an accurate picture. Here’s why.

The First Automated Investing Service to Manage Funds for 50,000+ Customers

More people invest with Betterment than all the other automated investing services combined.

A Guide to Investing in Cash Alternatives

What is the role of cash in investing? Learn more about the role of cash in planning your finances, building a diversified portfolio, and pursuing investment goals.

Compare Investment Managers: A Quick Guide

Betterment offers you more features and benefits for your money than other services. Take a look.

Explore Betterment’s Historical Performance

Betterment would have outperformed the average investor with an investment advisor in 88% of all periods over the last decade.

Where in the World Are You Invested?

Betterment's portfolio diversification includes holdings across 102 countries. Explore where your money is invested with our widget.

Vertical Integration: Better Business, Better Returns

We are the first and only online investment advisor to take this ultra-efficient approach.

Your Security and Trust Come First

We built systems around the principles of transparency, simplicity, and verification to ensure customer safety and security.

Portfolio Optimization: Our Secret to Driving Better Performance

We optimally blend funds to deliver higher expected investor returns for each asset class and ensure you get the best possible performance from your investments.

Why Index Fund Portfolios Win

For the first time, a new study takes on the passive vs. active debate at the portfolio level. Guess which one wins?

The Right Way to Gauge Investment Returns

Studies have shown that most people care more about raw returns than anything else. Unfortunately, this isn't the return you should care about, and it can lead you astray.

Betterment’s Quest for Behavior Gap Zero

A new analysis shows that Betterment is helping investors optimize their behavior and reduce the notorious behavior gap, which compromises investor returns.

The 12 Benefits of Betterment

From an all-inclusive low-cost portfolio to automatic rebalancing and dividend re-investing, Betterment offers a more efficient way to invest.

Nobel Prize-Winning Investing

Betterment philosophy synthesizes the lifelong work of two recent Nobel laureates.

Low-Cost Investing? Betterment Picks Up Where Vanguard Ends

It's not just about comparing products. It's about understanding the changes that are revolutionizing how you handle your finances.


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