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Salad Bar Economics

Here at, our offices are situated in beautiful Union Square right next to healthy hippy favorite, Whole Foods. According to a new article at the New York Times Magazine, this now means that we have a scandal in the neighborhood - and its happening at the salad bar (gasp!).

Articles by Alan Norton

By Alan Norton
  |  Published: March 25, 2011

Image Source: Dekcuf

Maybe scandal is a bit harsh – but in detail that only comes from someone truly passionate about his carrots and peas, author Nate Silver investigated how much Whole Foods up-charges for the privilege of allocating your own salad ingredients in one plastic container vs the cost of the ingredients bought in other parts of the store.

Now we are all about allocation here at Betterment, but we think a good allocation should help the pocketbook, not hurt it.

Apparently Whole Foods disagrees with us because as it turns out – you pay 70% more for ingredients at the salad bar than you would in other parts of the store. Seventy percent!!! That’s an awful lot of lettuce that could be going into your investment account.

Hat tip to The Consumerist.

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