Now Betterment’s popular goals feature is seamlessly integrated with Mint’s system. You can link and track all of your Betterment goals in Mint’s interface. We’re pretty excited to be announcing this, as so many of you have been asking for it – wait no longer!

One li’l housekeeping matter… If you previously linked Betterment to Mint, you may see a duplication of your original account and your custom goals . We tried to work around it, but it was a necessary side effect of getting our goals to work with Mint. The original account listed in Mint is now static and won’t be updated going forward (so there’s no need to keep it). See below for step-by-step of how to remove the old account from Mint so it’s not double counted.

[click to enlarge the images].

– Log into

– Go to “Your Accounts” in the upper-right corner of the screen.









– Select the “investment Account” and change the “Status” to “Closed”.











– Click “OK” on the final screen. You’re all set.