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Made in NYC

NY Tech Meetup recently produced this fun video on what it means to be made in NYC. We’re proud to be part of an incredible…

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By the Editorial Staff
Betterment Resource Center  |  Published: April 10, 2012

NY Tech Meetup recently produced this fun video on what it means to be made in NYC.

We’re proud to be part of an incredible group of startups, creating and coding their companies in New York. The collaboration and creativity of this city is inspirational, and there are companies literally changing the way the world works right from their laptops.

We admire all of these pioneers for their gumption and disruption, revolutionizing all industries from art to retail, travel, social, dining, and business. Some notables include:, Birchbox,, Etsy, Food52, Foursquare, Gilt Groupe, Harvest, Hunch, Jetsetter, Livestream, OpenSky, Paperless Post, Savored, SkillShare, SquareSpace, Tumblr, Vimeo, Warby Parker – but there are many more! Check out the entire list on this page, brought to you by NY Tech Meetup.

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