At Betterment, we are remembering how our moms have contributed to our lives, particularly with goals.  Not only have these goals gotten us where we are today, but they shape the way we plan now.

We encourage you to think about your goals – perhaps you want to contribute towards an existing goal, or refer a mom you know to set up her own.

Jon Stein | Founder and CEO

“My mom has given me so much motivation, support, and love. I’m a lucky kid. She used to tell me, ‘To those whom much is given, much is expected.’ She taught me to give back, and to find great satisfaction in working to improve the lives of our customers.”

Archana Burra | Customer Experience Associate

“My mother was born in a little Indian village without electricity or running water.  She went on to study physics, and now works in finance.  Growing up, she always stressed how important it was to be educated and financially independent, especially as a woman.  She was there to support me when I felt completely defeated by my seemingly impossible math problems, and pushed me to keep going, always believing in me.  When I finally graduated, with honors, I couldn’t have been happier that she was there to see it.  Thanks, mom!”

Boris Khentov | Operations Manager and Legal Counsel

“My mom is the most selfless person I’ve ever met. I used to think all moms were like that by definition, but they’re not, really. I don’t remember a single time when she put her own needs above ours. Sometimes, when I’m in a situation where I’m tempted to be particularly selfish, I think about what my mom would do.  And sometimes, this actually works!”

Lucy Babbage | Office Manager

“My mum is an incredibly strong, compassionate, intelligent, charismatic woman.  As youngsters, she filled our childhoods with exploration, spontaneity, big dreams and so much love.  As we grew, she shaped us into independent, capable and confident women and empowered us to follow our dreams. Now when I think of her, I think of her unwavering support and encouragement, her passion and ability to always keep dreaming big, her wisdom, her positivity, her optimism, her open-mind, and the unconditional love she gives to me and my sister. She is my role model and a true inspiration to me. If I end up half the woman she is, I’ll be a lucky girl!”

Katherine Buck | Community Manager

“My mom is just plain inspiring.  She supported our household by herself after my dad died when I was younger, and is always a source of optimism and positive energy.  She has taught me the value of hard work (with a smile!) both in school and career, and she constantly motivates me to use my talents to help others.  I’m incredibly lucky to have her as a mom and try to honor her in the goals I set for myself.”

Mike Ma | Chief Growth Officer

“My mom has been my role model.  She has had so much success in all stages of her career and has imparted on me the advice, ‘Go where you would pay to do the job.’  This has been the guiding star of her career and I have tried to make it mine.  Her and my father’s #1 priority was to set aside money for my education, in times of thick and thin – her goal for me was to achieve a good education, and she was disciplined every step of my childhood to make it happen.  This has been a guiding force in how my wife and I manage our family’s finances now.”

Alex Benke | Product Manager

“My loving mother has had a profound impact on both my career and financial life.  Growing up, two of the phrases I heard over and over were:  ‘Spend half, save half’ and ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.’ “

Sarah Whinnem | Graphic and Web Designer

“The most important lesson my mother ever taught me is that the more varied and random your goals are, the better. She’s built computer chips, tested hang gliders, farmed tobacco, worked in restaurants, and those are just the things I can remember. She has done so many interesting things in her life that it motivates me to keep looking for things to add to my bucket list.”

Connor Lee | Apprentice

“My mom is an inspiration of mine – she raised me to be where I am today and is a supportive, caring, and beautiful person.  She has always been there for me!  She once told me never to stress over the small things in life because everything will work out in the end.  And as a member of the First Violins in the National Symphony Orchestra, she can play an impressive fiddle!” 

Alix Cody | Operations Project Manager

“My mom has shown me the type of person I want to be – always supportive (even when it’s hard), full of fun and laughter, and one of the most caring, loving people I know.  My mom’s goal for me has always been to fully pursue the things I value most and keep the rest in perspective. This is often easier to say than do, but she helps me keep trying!”

Share some of your own stories with us!  We would love to hear how your mom has contributed to goals in your life in the comments below.  If you’re feeling inspired, you can also add to you add to your current goal or refer a mom – it’s a gift that lasts longer than flowers, and no shipping required.

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This article was published on May 9, 2013

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