On Monday, KaChing, an investment management site, introduced its new business model. KaChing will allow investors to link their investment portfolios to the recommendations of professional and amateur investment advisors. Those advisors will charge fees up to 3% of assets, and KaChing will take a 25% cut of the fees. It’s an interesting model, one that is sure to appeal to some investors. Claire Cain Miller has the scoop in the New York Times. We congratulate KaChing on their launch.

Both Betterment and KaChing are attempts to make investing more transparent and simple, but Betterment pushes further on simplicity. We help investors focus on the single best portfolio, rather than giving them more portfolios to chose from. We believe (as do most experts) that the total market portfolio is best, rather more risky niche investment strategies. KaChing is a good new choice for those who value greater choice, more data, and more risk. Betterment is better for long-term investors who want something simple and smart.