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Financial Goals

A Live Q&A with Betterment’s Director of Investing

On Friday, Jan. 22, Betterment held a live educational question and answer session with our very own Director of Behavioral Finance and Investing, Dan Egan. Here’s the recap.

Articles by Dan Egan

By Dan Egan
Managing Director of Behavioral Finance & Investing, Betterment  |  Published: January 21, 2016

On Jan 22, participants submitted their own questions regarding Betterment’s investing strategies, market events, and more.

Betterment posted questions and answers live, right here on our Resource Center. For those who couldn’t make it, don’t worry—they’ll remain here so you can always come back for reference and further reading.

As Betterment’s Director of Behavioral Finance and Investing, I get a lot of questions—especially during market ups and downs. So I was excited to take an opportunity to answer them head-on.

People asked me questions about the market, our investment philosophy, retirement accounts, contribution limits, tax efficiency, and more.

You can read a full transcript of the Q&A below.

Live Blog Q&A with Dan Egan, Director of Investing

This Q&A was for educational purposes only.

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