Whenever it comes time to say goodbye to a place or people, there is always a feeling of regret: I can’t believe I am walking away from something so magnificent. Am I crazy?

The jury’s still out on my sanity, but I’ve come to appreciate this feeling of sadness. It means I’ve got great people around me who make it so hard to leave! The picture below was a sad goodbye in Colombia. At the time, our tight knit group of five friends was ending our three-month stint around South America and moving on to our own adventures.

I was on my way to New York City and – even though I didn’t know it then – Betterment! It was the end of a really fun and memorable time. We had such a fabulous trip we didn’t want it to end. How lucky is that?

I’m having the same pangs of sadness as I leave Betterment to move back home to Australia.

It’s been such an incredible experience working with the team. As a member of the community, I can tell you this – you are in good hands. They are all so damn smart, great at their jobs, and just really kind, down to earth people. I’ve loved being part of this capable team, and I’m excited by what’s ahead for Betterment.

Continuing on with the theme of being lucky… I count myself hugely lucky to have been able to talk to you, our customers on a daily basis. It still brightens my day to hear from you on Twitter, Facebook, on the blog, or over the phone. Betterment’s value comes from the support of our great customers. Thank you!

With goodbyes come new beginnings. I’m excited to be able to welcome Katherine Buck to Betterment as the new Community Manager. I’ve worked with Katherine over the past two months and I can tell she’s just as passionate about Betterment’s mission and about interacting with our community as I am. She also has a great sense of humor, which will no doubt keep us all entertained on the blog and on social channels. Welcome Katherine!

I’ll let Katherine tell you a little more about herself and what brings her to Betterment.

Farewell everyone … and thanks.