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Affected by the Shutdown? We’re Here to Help.

As government employees continue to persevere through uncertainty, Betterment hopes to provide financial clarity for customers.

Articles by Andrew Westlin, CFP®

By Andrew Westlin
Financial Planner, Betterment  |  Published: January 24, 2019

An emergency situation is never easy, but we are ready to help any government employees affected by the shutdown.

We’re making it easy and free to receive a brief consultation over the phone with one of our Licensed Financial Professionals.

If we’ve learned anything throughout time, it’s that nothing is certain.

While the most exciting parts of financial planning are setting and achieving goals for life’s major celebrations—buying a home, getting married, having a child, and retiring—we also must plan for uncertainty.

As we’ve moved into the second month of the federal government’s shutdown, furloughed government employees are continuing to feel the financial burden that accompanies the lack of paychecks.

You may be one of them. We’ve learned from dozens of affected customers that withdrawals from your investments are becoming necessary. Some of you have Safety Net goals, which are designed for an emergency situation like this shutdown. You might also be considering selling shares of stock, withdrawing from a retirement account, using credit cards, or taking out a loan. We want to help make these decisions easier for you, by providing guidance to help you make smart withdrawal choices.

Reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Our team of financial experts is offering brief consultations to any government employee affected by the shutdown to discuss how to manage cash during this challenging time.

For all government employees interested in speaking with our team of experts, please email support@betterment.com to learn more about scheduling your consultation.

If you’re not a Betterment customer, you must set up an account first in order to receive our advice. There’s no initial deposit required or cost associated with the call—it’s complimentary.

We can’t thank our government employees enough.

For those of you continuing to work without pay, we admire your dedication and persistence.

We hope to return that commitment by striving to improve the lives of all Betterment customers, and it makes us proud to serve you as a financial partner. Remember that you’re not alone. There are 800,000 others going through the same difficulties. You also have family, friends, community, and businesses like Betterment that are here to help.

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Affected by the Shutdown? We’re Here to Help.

As government employees continue to persevere through uncertainty, Betterment hopes to provide financial clarity for customers.

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