Our new goal feature allows you to maintain sub-accounts within your primary Betterment account. Each sub-account can be set for a different goal, such as retirement, a vacation, or education. We provide advice on achieving each goal – including recommendations on how much to invest and how often – based on your chosen time frame, initial deposit, and level of risk. The investment strategy for each goal is fully customizable. You can transfer money between goals, set separate allocations for each goal, and set up automatic deposits for multiple goals.

All of the complexities and time-consuming tasks of a well-managed investment account – such as selecting a diversified portfolio, re-balancing, and dollar cost averaging – are made easy and efficient in Betterment’s sophisticated platform. The new goal feature encompasses our smart, intuitive approach, allowing you to set up a goal in just four clicks.

The Betterment team is pretty pumped to add new goals to our accounts. Check out some of our team members’ investing goals – then, set up your own!