Before the chaos of the holiday season kicks in—the turkey, football, and lively discussions among family and friends—it’s that time of year to reflect and show gratitude for all the things and people in your life for which you’re grateful.

We’re wishing you a safe and happy holiday, and we’re also taking the opportunity to say thanks.

Betterment’s annual Thanksgiving potluck dinner

What We’re Thankful For This Year

Betterment wouldn’t exist and couldn’t grow if it weren’t for our customers. You’ve placed your trust in us to manage your investments, and for that decision we say thank you—we’re truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

With your support and loyalty, you help us continue to grow and build the best automated investment service, which we believe is innovating upon the old standards of the wealth management industry for the better. We’re thankful that you’re there with us in this mission, too.

This year, we’re grateful for a lot. The Financial Times honored Betterment as the fastest-growing advisor on its FT 300 List, and we were proud to partner with the leading ride-sharing platform Uber, to help people who drive using the Uber platform save for retirement.

We’re also thankful that we successfully rolled out new services in our continued efforts to guide you to become better investors and help you save more on taxes. By syncing your outside accounts, we’re helping investors to see cash drag opportunities, and also identify high-cost investment fees charged by outside fund managers. We also introduced Tax-Coordinated Portfolio™, a service where you can implement an asset location investment strategy and help increase after-tax returns.

This year, we want to thank each customer who helped us hit over $6 billion in assets under management. For those who rolled over old retirement accounts, opened new taxable or retirement accounts, and deposited or transferred funds, we say thank you.

We’re looking forward to growing and serving you in our continued mission to be the best automated investment service.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without a talented team of dedicated, passionate, and hardworking people who make Betterment, well, better each and every day.

We asked our employees to share what they’re thankful for this year. Their answers reflect the unique and dynamic energy that we’re so grateful to have in the workplace.

Betterment Employees Share Their Gratitude

Joe Jansen, Data Artist

“I’m thankful for year-round ultimate frisbee in Prospect Park (Brooklyn).”

Lauren Yee, CRM Associate

“I’m thankful for New York City and its uniqueness, hustle and bustle, endless source of delicious food, and for being my home.”

Caleb Rotach, Product Manager

“This is my first Thanksgiving in 10 years where my wife and I are entirely debt free. Now that we no longer have monthly student loan payments, we can enjoy our new home, New York City, with more freedom. It also means we have more investable assets!”

Abigail Weit, Customer Experience Associate

“This year was a tough one for me. I recently had brain surgery and cannot accurately express in words how thankful I am for my family, friends, and my co-workers—who visited me in the hospital and gave me lots of hats and hugs when I returned. I have never felt more supported and loved in my entire life, nor had a work environment where I felt so comfortable in my own skin, with a team who stressed that health comes first.”

Aditya Rao, Lead Software Engineer

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to live and work around a tolerant, multicultural, and opportunity-filled city.”

Jennifer Blom, Client Experience Associate

“I’m thankful for being able to make the move from Phoenix, Arizona to New York City—and for my great new job at Betterment.”

Anthony Scarpaci, Acquisition Marketing Manager

“I’m thankful for my happy and healthy family, including my 10-month old nephew, Adrian, and yet-to-be born niece, who will be joining us in January!”

May Hasso, Engagement Manager

May:Coco  May_Coco
“I’m thankful for my pup, Coconut.”

Ben Alden, General Counsel

“I’m thankful for marrying my best friend, Marissa, this year!”

Chrissy Celaya, Customer Experience Associate

“I’m thankful to live in a city that encourages global diversity and acceptance.”

Jonathan Lii, Innovation Associate

“I am thankful for the support of my friends and family.”

Danielle Shechtman, Public Relations Associate

“I’m thankful for having the opportunity to start investing and saving for my future at such a young age.”

Hayden Hunter, Talent Acquisition

“I’m thankful for the great people who have come into my life this year and look forward to forging new friendships.”

Tom Corwin, Director of Customer Experience

“I’m thankful to be continuously surrounded by incredibly supportive colleagues, friends, and family, who like to work hard, share a cocktail from time to time, and appreciate that no one is perfect in this crazy world.”

Han Ke, Engineer

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to work in an inspiring environment where I feel purpose in solving my daily challenges. And, for the opportunity to live in a bustling city that encourages me to discover and achieve my fullest potential.”

LaToya Joy Westbrooks, Customer Experience Associate

“I’m thankful for good health, supportive friends, and a loving family. No matter what challenges may come my way, I’m thankful for a new day.”

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