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Betterment Advisor Network: Getting Matched With a Dedicated Advisor

Through our network of vetted independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, you can leverage Betterment's tax‑efficient smart technology, while also working alongside a dedicated financial advisor.

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By the Editorial Staff
Betterment Resource Center  |  Published: September 1, 2018


Getting Matched


How will having a dedicated advisor affect my Betterment account?

If you choose to enter into an agreement with an advisor through the Betterment Advisor Network, the advisor will have access to your Betterment account and can monitor your account to help make sure you have the right goals and the appropriate allocations for each goal. An advisor can also help to ensure you are appropriately utilizing all of Betterment’s tax optimization features, such as Tax Loss Harvesting+ and Tax-Coordinated Portfolio™. Learn more here.

How do you decide on the advisor I’m paired with?

During your initial consult with a member of our team, we’ll get a sense of your needs so we can help pair you with an advisor in our network. The advisors in our network are all CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals,  and individually may offer expertise in certain fields. Our team will recommend between one to three potential matches, with whom you will have the opportunity to schedule a free consult before you make a decision.

Who are the advisors in the Betterment Advisor Network and how are they selected?

Our advisors were vetted to ensure they have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you with holistic financial planning and more advanced financial issues. All advisors in the Betterment Advisor Network are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals.

Will the other members of my household have access to my advisor?

If you would like to work with an advisor from our Advisor Network, any other members of your household will either have the option of also working with that advisor, or removing themselves from your Betterment household. Your household will automatically include any other account holders with whom you share a joint account or have enabled spousal TLH+.

If you are in a household, once you have chosen an advisor to work with, the advisor will not be able to manage your account until each member of your household has also reviewed and agreed to the advisor’s advisory agreement, Form ADV Part 2A, and privacy policy. If you or another customer in the household does not want to work with the advisor, please email to remove yourselves from the household.

What if another member of my household doesn’t want an advisor?

If you are in the process of retaining an advisor from our Advisor Network, but a member of your existing household would like to remain in Betterment’s Digital, Plus, or Premium plan, they will need to be removed from your household. They can initiate separation from your household by contacting support at Your household will automatically include any other account holders with whom you share a joint account or have enabled spousal TLH+.

What is the pricing for the Betterment Advisor Network?

Betterment’s fee of 0.25% does not increase when you add an advisor from our Advisor Network. The advisor will charge an additional annual fee ranging between 0.25% and 1.25%, on top of the Betterment platform fee, and will discuss this fee with you during your consultation. As always, you will not be charged any trading or transfer fees by Betterment or the advisor.

Is there a minimum balance requirement to get matched with a dedicated advisor?

There is no minimum balance requirement to schedule a call with Betterment’s matching consultant and receive suggestions for potential advisors. However, certain advisors may have minimum balance requirements to receive certain services.

What happens to my free time if I add an advisor from the Betterment Advisor Network?

Any free time you earned while using Betterment’s digital advisor services will continue to offset Betterment’s platform fee of 0.25% annually. Free time will not apply to your advisor’s fee, however, which will begin to accrue after you have reviewed and accepted your advisor’s agreements.

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