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Engineering at Betterment

Building a Data Team from the Ground Up (Video)

Watch: Lead engineer Yuriy Goldman shares the steps he took to "bootstrap" Betterment's internal data team.

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By Yuriy Goldman
Engineering Manager, Betterment  |  Published: November 13, 2014

Betterment's data team helps the company measure performance on a number of metrics.

In the video below, learn what steps we have taken to "bootstrap" our internal data team.

At Betterment, we’ve learned to crave data. As we commute to work in the mornings, we peruse our daily ‘Ticker Tape’ email—a quick summary of all our key business growth metrics. For many of us here at Betterment, this is the very first thing we read in the day.

Then, arriving at our office, only a few steps into our work space provides a line of sight to our ever-present dashboards. These show data visualizations and trends. If you want to dive in a layer further, any employee can find team-specific reports and data-sets through our self-serve platform.

For our more than 75 employees, it has become business as usual to use data on a regular basis to gather insights, make decisions and stay informed. Behind the scenes, our data-compute platform quietly facilitates.

Driving by Numbers, Thoughtful Implementation

We wanted a lean process to support a small, highly efficient data team, along with a lightweight technology stack that our developers can get behind, and tooling that empowers analysts.

Also read “This Is How You Bootstrap a Data Team.”

In this tech talk, I provide the inside look into key challenges as well as decisions that we made at Betterment to successfully bootstrap our data team. And we did it with a sense of humor, a desire for pragmatism, and without breaking the bank.

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