Image Source: Advizent

“Advizent is a membership organization whose mission is to empower investors through education and by providing access to true fiduciary investment advice.”

Translated – it means regular people can gain access to advisors who have their best interests at heart (i.e. not conflicted by hidden partnerships or commissions). Advizent will elevate those advisors who meet their high standards of advice – “high standards that clearly meet the investor’s best interests,” according to Bogle.

The independent board is in the process of developing a concise set of Standards of Excellence for all advisors providing investment advice.

“Our Independent Board will develop a set of strict standards that we believe will be objective and unbiased and hold advisors accountable,” added Bogle.

Co-founders, Charles Goldman and Steve Lockshin say Advizent’s aim is to be completely independent and without conflict. Over time, investors can look to the industry body for guidance on good advice.

We applaud Advizent’s initiative. We hope it will elevate better ethics in the industry, and better outcomes for consumers.