We are delighted that Betterment’s story is reaching an ever-growing number of investors. Our friends over at NerdWallet.com, a personal finance and credit card comparison website, posted a recent article from CEO Jon Stein on the origins of Betterment.

Betterment CEO Jon Stein
Betterment CEO Jon Stein

Here’s an excerpt from Jon’s story:

I started Betterment to make investing more simple: Our mission is to take the emotional haphazardness out of investing so that you get the best possible result. We do that by being an online platform and using the smartest software to help make investing decisions, like the right asset allocation. Our portfolio is made up of index funds — proven to have better long-term returns than active management.

Jon is also a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal‘s Accelerator blog, a weekly column by entrepreneurs about startups. In his most recent post, Jon talked about the early days of Betterment and how he decided to bring in more co-founders. You can read his latest column here.

Want to learn more? Read more about Betterment’s investment principles. You can also learn more about how we use your investments to keep your tax bill low and automate rebalancing.