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Meet the Betterment Summer Interns, Class of 2016

It’s summer, which means Betterment’s interns for the class of 2016 have arrived. Get to know them, and learn more about our internship program.

Articles by Betterment Editors
By the Editorial Staff Betterment Resource Center Published Jun. 14, 2016
Published Jun. 14, 2016
3 min read
  • Betterment’s summer internship program provides a valuable hands-on learning experience, with placements in every area of our company.

  • For those interested in interning with us, check out our careers page the fall semester prior to the summer internship period.

Summer has arrived, and with it, a slew of talented interns who are helping out in every area of our organization.

Betterment’s internship program is the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship: We invest time in teaching, training, and mentoring each intern while gaining from their creativity, enthusiasm, and new approaches to our inner-workings.

In turn, they get hands-on experience in a professional workplace, make valuable contacts, and gain knowledge for their future endeavors.

Best of all, they get to experience what it’s like working for a leading fintech robo-advisor in the industry—in the heart of New York City.

And now, presenting the Betterment summer interns, class of 2016.

Meet Our Interns

Top row (l-r): Interns Jia Gao, Megan Enright, Ryan Lehrkinder, Gregory Chen, and Yondon Fu, with Betterment CEO & Co-Founder Jon Stein.
Bottom row (l-r): Interns Danielle Pomeraniec, Keilani Groszyk, Phoebe Chan, Katie Lee, Collin Trowbridge, Matt Preston. 
(Not pictured: Barbara Aprilakis, Toban Wiebe)

Anita Chen, Pennsylvania State University ‘17
IT Support Intern

Fun Facts:
Loves to eat; food is her favorite thing ever.
Loves video games, particularly League of Legends.
A spontaneous traveler; she’ll pick somewhere on the map and just go.

Barbara Aprilakis, Marist College ‘18
HR Intern

Fun Facts:
Fluent in Greek.
Has been studying International Business in England and Scotland for the past two weeks.
Went shark diving earlier this year.

Collin Trowbridge, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology ’17
Engineering Intern

Fun Facts:
Got lost on a family vacation in the Bahamas when he was 5 years old.
Once touched Taylor Swift in concert.

Danielle Pomeraniec, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University ‘16
Legal Intern

Fun Facts:
The first time she got pulled over for speeding she got out of the ticket because she was wearing a tiara. (Her friend dared her to wear it all night.)
Was a criminal prosecutor for three years.
Once ran into Pharrell Williams while boarding an airplane, and had a conversation with him about his fur coat.

Gregory Chen, Columbia University, Dec ’16
Engineering Intern

Fun Facts:
Favorite television show: “True Detective” (but only the first season).
Has a bit of an obsession with Italian culture.
Favorite philosopher: Arthur Schopenhauer.

Jia Gao, Rhode Island School of Design ‘17
Design Intern

Fun Facts:
When her flight got canceled four times during a snowstorm, a Brown University student offered her homemade bread and put her up in his family’s basement for a week.
She notices what socks people wear. Bonus points for fun prints.

Katherine Lee, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology ’17
Engineering Intern

Fun Facts:
Has a pet tortoise.
Played women’s lacrosse all through high school and college.
Once donated 15 inches of hair and had a pixie cut for a while afterward.

Keilani Grosyzk, Kellogg School of Management, ‘17
Strategy Intern

Fun Facts:
Grew up in Salem, Mass., the site of the Salem Witch Trials.
Is a huge New England sports fan.
Has seen Beyoncé in concert four times.

Matthew Preston, NYU Stern ‘17
Sales Intern

Fun Facts:
Is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
Loves to play golf.
Was once cast for an MTV show, but had to pass on it because of school.

Megan Enright, Villanova University ‘17
Public Relations Intern

Fun Facts:
Studied abroad in Siena, Italy, for six weeks one summer.
Has spent every summer in the Poconos since she was born, but is excited to be in New York City for her internship.

Phoebe Chan, Cornell University, ‘17
Customer Experience Intern

Fun Facts:
Loves to travel and most recently went to Iceland for spring break.
Doesn’t like sand.
If she wasn’t studying hotel management, she’d want to be a therapist.

Ryan Lehrkinder, Marist College ‘17
Recruiting Intern

Fun Facts:
Won a pie-eating contest when she was younger.
Studied abroad in Galway, Ireland, this past fall.
Practices both yoga and meditation.

Toban Wiebe, University of Pennsylvania, ‘17 (Ph.D.)
Investing Intern

Fun Facts:
From Winnipeg, one of the coldest parts of Canada. Winter temperatures often get down to -30 degrees Celsius (that’s -22 degrees Fahrenheit).
A bit of a linux geek, he’s running Arch Linux with the i3 window manager.
Plays ping-pong half-seriously, and is looking forward to a challenge on the office table.

Yondon Fu, Dartmouth University ‘17
Engineering Intern

Fun Facts:
Interested in cryptocurrencies, for e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain technology.
Is a New York Knicks fan, and is forever optimistic about their chances of a strong playoff run. Still waiting unfortunately.
Appreciates lyrical wordplay in music.


Are you or someone you know interested in interning at Betterment? Visit our careers page in the fall to apply for a summer 2017 internship.


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