In three and half months, we added as many new customers as we did in the first three and half years as a company. We are proud to announce we have more than 75,000 customers, which is the largest community of smarter, automated investors in the country.

We have nearly three times more customers than our closest competitor—and more than all other automated investing services combined.¹ Our recent customer growth helps demonstrate that Betterment is more than automated investing—we are a personalized investment manager .

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Saving you time and personalizing your investments.

Betterment CEO Jon Stein recently highlighted what we will continue to improve for our customers:

Saving time: Give us five minutes and we’ll give you complete financial peace of mind. That’s our promise. The hard part is engineering everything faster and with more automation. And now doing all that on mobile.

Personalizing your investment strategy: Each Betterment customer has a unique portfolio that is personalized and optimized for maximum expected returns, net of tax, net of costs, net of risk, and dynamically adjusted for your situation. We are building more ways to personalize your strategy.

Saving you taxes: We have one of the most tax-efficient portfolios and trading platforms ever created. We’re making the tax-reduction strategies once only available to the wealthiest available to all.

Creating more financial security: We are bringing back the comfortable feeling of defined benefits, in a dog-eat-defined-contribution world. You can rely on evidence-based investment strategies to grow your money—and when it’s time, provide income—and eliminate any doubt about whether your finances are on track.

¹Number of customers at other automated investing services as of March 2, 2015 from their Form ADVs.

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