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Betterment's Story

The First Automated Investing Service to Manage Funds for 50,000+ Customers

More people invest with Betterment than all the other automated investing services combined.

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By Jon Stein
CEO & Founder, Betterment
Published: December 3, 2014 | Updated: May 10, 2018

More people invest with Betterment than all the other automated investing services combined.

We have more than $1 billion in assets under management, driven by word of mouth.

In 2010, our first customer invested his money with Betterment. It was a vote of confidence in our mission to democratize investing.

Four years later, I am proud to announce we have surpassed 50,000 customers, and hundreds more are joining Betterment each day. We have more customers than all other automated investing services combined. These numbers show me that our mission is succeeding.¹

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Answering a need.

Betterment started with the simple idea that financial services should be better. That’s our name. Make it Better. We started with that premise, and asked customers what they wanted from us.

What we heard most was, “What should I do with my money?” We sought to provide the best possible answer to that question.

Today, we are accomplishing that with innovative technology and behavioral design that help our customers make smarter choices for their money.

Betterment makes it easy to be a smarter investor. With our automation and behavior-based design, we can help add an additional 1.48% net investor returns compared to the average DIY investor.²

Growth is only the beginning.

In the last year alone, we welcomed more than 25,000 new customers driven by word of mouth. Our customers have entrusted us with more than $1 billion of their money.

We are nearly 3x larger in customer size than the next closest automated investing service.

As we grow, we can put more data and resources to work to improve what we can do for customers. This year, we launched features such as Tax Impact Preview, TaxMin, and Tax Loss Harvesting+, making us the most tax-efficient automated investing service available.

Expect more. In the coming year, new features will expand the reach of Betterment’s smarter technology. Our planning-based approach to investing will help more customers empower their financial futures, with or without advisors.

What makes us different?

We have done what no other investment management service has done in the 21st century. We reimagined trading and management systems from the ground up to improve the efficiency of investing, but to also help people make better decisions with responsive design and more sophisticated advice models.

While we rely on world-class engineering and software to handle the transactional side of investing, we also have a stellar group of customer service experts who are available seven days a week to answer your questions over the phone.

We believe that smarter investing means a collaboration between people and computers, complementing each other’s strengths and mitigating their weaknesses, improving on both. That’s what we can do for you.

Join us.

If you’re not a Betterment customer, sign up today and see why 50,000 people are investing their money with us. If you’re already using Betterment, keep referring your friends. If you refer three friends who fund an account, we’ll reward you with a whole year free.

Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can keep refining the Betterment experience and building features that delight customers like you.

¹Based on Betterment’s review of account numbers self-reported in the SEC’s Form ADV as of November 19, 2014, across Betterment’s survey of automated investing services.

² Read how we calculate this number here:

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