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Yuriy Goldman

Engineering Manager, Betterment

Yuriy Goldman

About Yuriy

The perfect blend of entrepreneur and engineer, Yuriy’s systems design skills and experience with enterprise scale implementation raises the Betterment coding bar. In his free time, he brings the NY tech community together to discuss all things data and composes music with the same skill he uses to craft software – extreme attention to detail. Contact Yuriy at Google+ .

Articles written by Yuriy

Building a Data Team from the Ground Up (Video)

Watch: Lead engineer Yuriy Goldman shares the steps he took to "bootstrap" Betterment's internal data team.

Betterment Hosts Data Science Meetup

Using R and Agile has proved so effective at Betterment, we decided to share the scaffolding with others in the community.

This Is How You Bootstrap a Data Team

Data alone is not enough—we needed the right storytellers.

Betterment Hosts “Meteoric” JS Meetup

On a frigid Wednesday night, our Betterment Office became a cozy respite for the NYC-JS Meetup. The evening’s agenda was to explore a beta Node.js framework called Meteor. Settled into a makeshift gallery of couches and bar stools, some 30 JavaScript enthusiasts snacked on generous amounts of Dev-fuel (meaning pizza and beer) while 10gen’s Nathan Zamecnik shared his experience with the “realtime-reactive” framework claiming to deliver a “better way to build an app.” A “better” way to build something? That’s a calling card we certainly appreciate.

Simple Rule Engines using Multi-key Maps and Functional Idioms in Java aka Bob’s Ultimate Garage

Have you ever attempted to codify business rules only to wind up with a procedural, amorphous mess of nested if/else statements so ugly you could scream?  We have. Have you attempted to bring the Strategy Pattern to bear on the problem only to wind up with Interfaces and Subclasses too numerous to be practical? We sure have. Perhaps there is a Better way.


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