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Tania Brown, CFP®

Financial Coach, Financially Thriving Mom

Tania Brown, CFP®

About Tania

Tania Brown is an Army veteran and a Certified Financial Planner®️. She is the owner of FinanciallyThrivingMom.com, where she teaches busy working moms how to simplify, maximize, and organize their financial lives so they can focus on what matters to them most. When she isn’t nerding out over the latest budgeting app, she is living her other passions: fostering teens, volunteering, serving at her church, and seeking out the very best chocolate.

Articles written by Tania

3 Strategies That Can Narrow The Racial Wealth Gap

Decades of voting, housing, job, and banking discrimination created a racial wealth gap in the U.S. Here are three strategies Black Americans can use to take charge of their finances.

4 Questions To Help You Invest For Your Financial Goals

There are many factors to consider when investing for the first time: Use these four questions as a guide to help you choose the best investment strategy for your financial plan.

3 Tips To Consider Before Paying Off Debt

Tackling any amount of debt is a significant part of financial planning. Here are three things you should consider before building your repayment strategy.