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Sebastian Rollén

Quantitative Investing Associate, Betterment

Sebastian Rollén

About Sebastian

Sebastian Rollén is a quantitative investing expert at Betterment, where he develops models that inform our products and advice. Previously an associate at a boutique investment firm, Greenbridge Partners, Sebastian holds degrees in Economics and Physics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Articles written by Sebastian

4 Betterment Investing Options For Those With Low Risk Tolerance

If you’re an investor with low risk tolerance, Betterment has options that can help move forward your investing goals, mediating between potential returns and your desired risk level.

How I Managed My Financial Goals When I Got Married

There are many different ways to manage money as a couple. The key is to have open communication, sooner rather than later.

What a Trip to the Casino Can Teach You About Investing and Risk

Learn the ins and outs of how gambling works from a quantitative investor, and use it to your advantage in investing for the long term.


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