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Sam Swift

Data Scientist, Betterment

Sam Swift

About Sam

Sam Swift is a Data Scientist at Betterment. He received his PhD in Organizational Behavior from Carnegie Mellon University, where he published research on behavioral economics, decision making, and negotiation. After graduate school, Sam worked with University of California, Berkeley to crowdsource geopolitical forecasts for the U.S. intelligence community. He is an active member of the local data science community in New York City and will take the R side of any R vs. Python debate.

Articles written by Sam

Modern Data Analysis: Don’t Trust Your Spreadsheet

To conduct research in business, you need statistical computing that you easily reproduce, scale, and make accessible to many stakeholders.

Why’d I Do That? Never Forget with the Investing Journal

The Investing Journal is a new Betterment feature that allows customers to add personal notes to transactions.

Betterment Customers Stay the Course, Steer Clear of Behavior Gap

Research from Betterment’s behavioral team shows that most investors with Betterment achieve full investment returns and do not attempt to time the market.