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Patrick Burns

Product Manager, Betterment

Patrick Burns

About Patrick

Patrick dives deep into Betterment's data and uses his analytical prowess to figure out, "What’s best for our customers?" With a masters degree in Statistics from Yale University and a love of behavioral finance, Patrick is now dedicated to growing Betterment's client base and making our product more behaviorally intelligent. Contact Patrick at

Articles written by Patrick

How Does Betterment Calculate Investment Returns?

Use our interactive tool to see the difference between time-weighted, money-weighted and simple return.

How Betterment Gives Investors the Benefits of ETFs

ETFs may encourage bad behavior, but Betterment minimizes the downside and brings out the best in these powerful investment vehicles.

Betterment’s Quest for Behavior Gap Zero

A new analysis shows that Betterment is helping investors optimize their behavior and reduce the notorious behavior gap, which compromises investor returns.

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