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MP Dunleavey

MP Dunleavey

About MP

MP Dunleavey is a personal finance expert, and the co-founder and former editor-in-chief of DailyWorth.com. She's a former columnist for The New York Times and MSN Money, and the author of "Money Can Buy Happiness." She lives in Manhattan with her family. Contact MP at Google+

Articles written by MP

Why the 4% Rule Is Broken

There are fundamental flaws in the popular 4% rule for retirement income, including its reliance on a higher yield environment.

Why Index Fund Portfolios Win

For the first time, a new study takes on the passive vs. active debate at the portfolio level. Guess which one wins?

This Couple Retired in Their 30s. Could You?

An early retirement requires more than a couple million stashed away. By minimizing taxes on income and gains, you can live well—and your money can keep growing.

Why Couples Have Money Fights

You want to be a team when it comes to your money...but you're not. Here, a smart way to make some real progress.