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Miranda Marquit


About Miranda

Miranda is a Betterment Staff Writer, freelance writer and professional blogger specializing in finance and investing topics. Her work has appeared in US News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, and Huffington Post, and her work has been mentioned in numerous media.

Articles written by Miranda

Talk About Money in Your House—For Your Kid’s Sake

If you want your child to grow up as a financially responsible adult, it's important that you work on helping him or her with financial fitness.

About That Retirement Resolution…

With the year solidly under way, it's time to check in on your resolutions. Are you still prioritizing retirement?

A Smart Way to Boost Your Retirement Savings (Hint: More Income)

Thanks to the recent recession, and the slow job market recovery, it is little surprise that many are turning to side projects and hobbies to earn a little extra money.

How to Manage a Mortgage

Borrowing as much as possible to buy a home may be the American dream of the past, but purchasing real estate is still a big goal for many people (not to mention a good investment). Make sure you're managing your mortgage correctly.

Retirement Preparation at Each Life Stage

No matter your age, you should be vowing to boost your retirement savings to enjoy the life you lead (or more!) in the future. Betterment can help you do that.

You Probably Aren’t Saving Enough for Retirement

Only 52 percent of Americans expressed confidence that they will be comfortable in retirement. Chances are people know they're not putting enough aside or they simply have no idea how much they will need to continue the life they lead and the one they want for the future.

How Much Are You Worth?

Your first instinct is probably to tote up all of your assets and subtract your liabilities. That is your net worth, and one way to get a snapshot of your monetary worth.

Investing Lessons I Learned From My Family

We all learn lessons from our families, including lessons on how to invest. Unfortunately, most of the lessons I’ve learned from my family regarding investing provide insight into what not to do.

The Upside to a Delayed Retirement

One of the most disappointing financial situations facing many right now is the prospect of delayed retirement. Take heart... it's not all bad news.


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