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Mike Reust

CTO, Betterment

Mike Reust

About Mike

I’m a product minded technologist with a passion for building and delivering products to help improve people’s lives. At Betterment, I'm focusing my passion and energy on personal finance, helping craft software that wrangles the complexity of the American financial system. We’re building smarter, efficient money management for everyone.

Articles written by Mike

The Evolution of the Betterment Engineering Interview

Betterment’s engineering interview now includes a pair programming experience where candidates are tested on their collaboration and technical skills.

Meet Blazer: A New Open-Source Project from Betterment (video)

While we love the simplicity and flexibility of Backbone, we’ve recently encountered situations where the Backbone router didn’t perfectly fit the needs of our increasingly sophisticated application. To meet these needs, we created Blazer, an extension of the Backbone router.

One Massive Monte Carlo, One Very Efficient Solution

We optimized our portfolio management algorithms in six hours for less than $500. Here’s how we did it.


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