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Mary Biggins


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What does $40 mean to you?

There’s all sorts of discussion in Washington about the payroll tax cut, which expires on December 31. If the tax break ends, it would cost…

The Betterment Interns

It’s summer time – the season of internships. We think of an internship as an investment … invest time in teaching, training, and mentoring the…

Is the Lottery Ever a Good Investment?

Perhaps you read the title of this blog post and thought: "Duh, no." [Good job!] But, consider this: Mark Kon, a professor of Math and Statistics at Boston University calculated that someone investing $100K in the lottery at the right time had a 72% chance of turning a profit.

Rich or Poor, You Can Accumulate Wealth Through Investing

The U.S. Trust surveyed High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Americans. Here are the top three things we thought you’d find interesting: 1)…

Goals become Accomplishments with Discipline

A few highlights from an article by Kathy Kristof on CBS News

Mind the Gap … the Performance Gap!

My Money Blog and Morningstar.com recently posted about the returns individual investors see compared to the performance of the fund. High level summary:…

Jon Stein on Bloomberg TV

Betterment CEO Jon Stein was recently interviewed on Bloomberg TV. Check out the clip here: httpv://youtu.be/YWp-4X4SAiM…

A Broken “Investment”

The email introduced a new product – a “Breakable” Certificate of Deposit.  With this product, you can put your money in a Certificate of Deposit…

Happy Birthday, Betterment!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Betterment’s launch! [See more about our first year…

How do you Value the Future?

Behavioral studies show that people consistently over-discount the future -- spending money today rather than investing it for the future.

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