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Katelyn Lesse

Senior Engineering Manager, Betterment

Katelyn Lesse

About Katelyn

Katelyn is a Senior Engineering Manager at Betterment where she leads the cash management engineering team. She previously led the Betterment for Business engineering team. Outside of Betterment, Katelyn loves to travel and to spend time with her two dogs.

Articles written by Katelyn

A Journey to Truly Safe HTML Rendering

We leverage Rubocop’s OutputSafety check to ensure we’re being diligent about safe HTML rendering, so when we found vulnerabilities, we fixed them.

A Functional Approach to Penny-Precise Allocation

How we solved the problem allocating a sum of money proportionally across multiple buckets by leaning on functional programming.

Three Things I Learned In My Engineering Internship

I knew I had a lot to learn about how a Web app works, but I never imagined that it involved as much as it does.