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Jim Wang

Jim Wang

About Jim

Jim is a Betterment Staff Writer and the founder of Bargaineering , a personal finance blog that has been seen in the New York Times, US News, the Baltimore Sun, and Marketplace Money. He writes about personal finance geared towards young professionals.

Articles written by Jim

Saving for Your Child’s College Education

College is increasingly expensive. If you are going to help your child pay for an education, you need to plan ahead. Now would be a great time... even if you don't have any kids yet.

How to Estimate Your Retirement Income

Once you stop working, though, you need a way to support your dreams of a preferred lifestyle. But how much retirement income should you aim for? And how do you find “your number”?

Making the Most of Windfall Gains

One of the fundamental truths about personal finance, is the fact that our problems with money have little to do with mathematics.

Money Lessons from a Football Fan

As a financial blogger and avid football fan, I can't help but see my worlds collide. The Superbowl holds financial lessons for us all.

5 Tax Tips to Save You Money

When tax time rolls around, it’s understandable to want to get the best possible deal. There's no need for any illegal shenanigans if you plan ahead. It's all about getting your finances in order.

Retirement Plan Tax Benefits Explained

One of the biggest advantages of saving for retirement in a dedicated retirement account is the included tax benefits. Which one is right for you?

8 Financial Tools I Recommend to Friends

In the last few years, there are has been a resurgence in excellent financial tools, many of which are free. If you are looking for helping managing your finances, there are plenty of tools out there to keep your finances organized – and even to help you make better decisions.

Estate Planning: What to Consider

Estate planning is never a fun topic. Who wants to plan for what happens after they die? Estate planning, however, is absolutely crucial, even if you don’t think you have much of an estate.


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