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Dustin Lucien

Chief Technology Officer, Betterment

Dustin Lucien

About Dustin

Dustin is Betterment’s VP of Engineering, and is the type of leader we aspire to emulate ‐ who guides us to smarter decisions and rolls up his sleeves when it’s down to the wire. Dustin's knack for the sciences also extends beyond software: Biomedical Engineering in grad school, a startup focused on gene sequence analysis, and even a stint in film production have all contributed to his engineering effectiveness.

Articles written by Dustin

Organizational Management Key to Scaling a Tech Company

Rapid growth is not just about software engineering, but organizational engineering. Here's what we've done at Betterment.

Betterment’s Response to ‘Heartbleed’ Bug

Everyone in the Betterment community is completely safe from the 'Heartbleed' bug—your Betterment account was not affected.

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