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Carley Knobloch


About Carley

Carley Knobloch is on a mission to help people improve their relationship with technology, one tap or swipe at a time. As a digital lifestyle expert and regular contributor to the Today Show and CNN, she helps audiences decode the ever-changing world of gadgets. As the go-to smart home expert for and the host of Digital series Smart, Simple, Solved and DigiKnow, she explores the intersection of home and technology. Carley has been featured in Real Simple and Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids, springer spaniel, and myriad smartphones.

Articles written by Carley

3 Steps to Improve Your Online Data Security

Betterment is likely only one of a host of apps you use online—and employing good security hygiene when you’re online is more important than ever.

5 Tech Companies Making Credit Cards Safer

Tech startups have been hatching some innovative solutions that can improve consumer security for their credit cards.


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