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Chrissy Celaya, CFP®

Customer Insights Supervisor, Betterment

Chrissy Celaya, CFP®

About Chrissy

Chrissy Celaya is a Certified Financial Planner™ and manages Betterment’s licensed concierge service. Her team uses an advised approach to helping customers navigate complex onboarding and account transitions. Chrissy is also a champion for innovation within Betterment, using her team’s day-to-day conversations to drive new product development. She has a BS in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University and prior to joining Betterment she worked for both USAA and Merrill Lynch.

Articles written by Chrissy

How To Transfer Assets In Volatile Markets

Have a high-fee or high-risk brokerage account that you’ve been avoiding transferring due to potential tax consequences?

5 Common Roth Conversion Mistakes

Converting your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA can be a useful strategy for many investors. However, mistakes along the way can cost you—we’ll help you avoid them.

Retirement Planning Advice That Matches How You Save

Betterment is constantly working to align our investment advice with what it’s really like to pursue your financial goals. Learn about how our retirement planning advice continues to improve.

Conflicts of Interest Can Be Buried Deep In Your Investing Choices

Re-examining how and where your money is invested can reveal misalignments between your interests—and an intermediary’s profits.

Your Guide to Betterment Rollovers

Moving your money to a new financial institution can be tedious and complicated. At Betterment, our goal is to make it easy and automatic. Here, we break down each rollover method and explain which might be right for you.

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