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Boris Khentov

VP of Operations, Betterment

Boris Khentov

About Boris

Boris brings a unique mix of engineering skills and legal and regulatory experience to the team. Prior to joining Betterment, Boris practiced tax and capital markets law at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP, and has a J.D. from Northwestern Law. Before that, Boris was a software engineer at Antenna Software, and has a B.A. in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Articles written by Boris

Tax-Coordinated Portfolio™: The Latest Breakthrough in Tax-Smart Investing

Betterment’s Tax-Coordinated Portfolio could increase after-tax returns by 15% over 30 years.

Navigating Market Stress: Betterment’s Approach to Brexit

The morning after the “Brexit” vote, Betterment instituted a short delay in trading to avoid the worst of a potentially erratic market. Here’s why and how we made this decision.

How Betterment Protects Your Investments

Your investments with Betterment are protected by SIPC. History suggests that even if you had millions of dollars invested with a brokerage firm that became insolvent, it is extremely likely that you would be made whole.

Fractional Shares Improve Portfolio Efficiency

Betterment’s fractional share technology ensures that Tax Loss Harvesting+ is effective, regardless of your investment size.

Your 2014 Tax Return: Planning Ahead with Betterment

Getting ready to file your 2014 tax return? Like with your investments, Betterment helps keep tax prep efficient and simple to do.

Avoid Surprises with Tax Impact Preview

Betterment continues to make investing more transparent and tax-efficient, and empowers you to make smarter financial decisions.

Lower Taxes with Our Improved Cost Basis Accounting Method

Selecting tax lots in the most efficient way possible can determine your cost basis when reporting to the IRS.

Jeffrey Goldberg Fires His Broker

I just finished reading the latest from Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic, "Why I Fired My Broker." It's a pretty amusing first person piece - a soul searching mini odyssey that takes Goldberg from opulent loft parties hosted by hedge funders to an "off the grid" cabin where a survivalist stockpiles food and learns to eat mice, because "why waste protein?"

The Verdict is in… Again.

Standard and Poors, the entity that publishes financial research and analysis, just released its latest year-end report on mutual funds. The conclusion is not surprising for those of us who are converts to index fund investing. Actively managed mutual funds typically deliver a lower return than simply buying the entire market, not even accounting for the fact that you pay more in fees for that "active management":

Ready, aim, buy!

If the end of days is upon us, and dozens of super-fast, aggressive zombies are clawing at your door, your Betterment account will not be of much help.

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