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Adam Langsner

Adam Langsner

About Adam

Adam has been with Betterment since the beginning – from an exciting internship to full time engineer. Don't let his age fool you – he knows more languages than you can count on 2 hands. When not coding in HTML5 or reminiscing of our "early days", Adam might be found enjoying a good scotch and his favorite flick, Citizen Kane. Contact Adam at Google+

Articles written by Adam

Scalable Design to Delight Customers

For web designers, this problem-and-solution goes behind the scenes of Betterment's user-friendly design.

A Better Front-End: From Flex to the Next Generation

Nick Swinmurn personally shipped shoes he purchased from Footlocker to prove Zappos was a viable business. Marc Cenedella manually searched and posted 100k+ roles to his initial prototype to see if The Ladders would take off. The team at Seamless called law firms in New York and offered to purchase them lunch before they even had a web product.


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