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Key Questions about Getting Started as an Advisor

What are the requirements for partnering with Betterment for Advisors? In order to partner with Betterment for Advisors, you must be affiliated with a registered…

Articles by Alison Considine
By Alison Considine Published Feb. 09, 2021
Published Feb. 09, 2021
2 min read

What are the requirements for partnering with Betterment for Advisors?

In order to partner with Betterment for Advisors, you must be affiliated with a registered investment advisor.

What does a partnership with Betterment for Advisors entail?

Betterment for Advisors typically partners with registered investment advisors through a shared fiduciary oversight model.  Betterment LLC, a registered investment advisor, acts as a sub-advisor to each advisor’s client accounts, and contracts separately with each advisor and each underlying client.

How do I get started and how long does it take to implement the platform in my practice?

The sign-up process for Betterment for Advisors is entirely digital and typically takes a few business days to implement. So long as your firm is registered with the SEC or with a state and has a CRD number, please follow this link to get started. Once we receive your application, we will process it in approximately five to seven business days. Please note that the due diligence process may take longer for newly established firms. Once your firm has been activated on the platform, we will send you a welcome package and you can begin managing accounts on the platform.

What is Betterment for Advisors?

Betterment for Advisors is a new solution for advisors and clients alike. Betterment for Advisors is designed to streamline the investment process and accelerate an advisor’s ability to serve its clientele. Betterment for Advisors is a leading digital, wealth management platform for advisors.

Betterment for Advisors gives advisors the tools they need to change the experience for all parties in wealth advisory, and helps take care of front- and back-office operations. Advisor practices will become more productive, more efficient, and provide a next-generation interface for clients. With Betterment for Advisors, advisors can bring cutting edge digital technology to their clients, automate their workflows, and spend time in front of customers, building new business and strengthening existing relationships.

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