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Date Betterment launched: May 24, 2010

Year Betterment created its first mobile app: 2012

Number of customers using Betterment on May 26, 2015: 90,183

Average length of time it takes to open a checking account at a large bank: 1 to 2 business days

Length of time it takes to open and fund a Betterment account: 5 minutes

Average amount of time a person spends on an iPhone each day: 160 minutes

State with the most Betterment customers: California

Percentage of customers older than 40: 25%

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Smallest  fractional share Betterment trades for every customer: 1/1,000,000

Average stock allocation across all portfolios held at Betterment: 70%

Cumulative return on a bought-and-held 70% stock portfolio from May 2010 to May 2015: 61.7%¹

Growth in Betterment’s code base over the past year: 97%

Number of lines of code added in the past year: 545,287

Betterment’s code base consists of: 43% Java, 42% JavaScript, 8% Ruby, 5% R, 5% miscellaneous

Number of automated tests run after every new feature is added or bug is fixed: 6,757

Total number of employees at Betterment: 94

Percentage of company who are engineers: 40%

Pounds of coffee consumed every week by Betterment staff: 10

Number of Betterment dogs who regularly visit the office: 7

Number of Betterment cats who have visited the office: 0

Percentage of Betterment employees who speak with our customers on the phone: 100%


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¹Time period of return is the 5 years since Betterment’s inception in May 2010. For a full analysis and additional disclosures, please see: For additional information on this return calculation, and to explore Betterment’s historical performance and to compare portfolios, please see: