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A Live Q&A with Betterment’s Managing Director of Investing

Here’s a recap of our online educational question and answer session with our very own Dan Egan, Betterment’s Managing Director of Behavioral Finance and Investing.

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By Dan Egan
Managing Director of Behavioral Finance & Investing, Betterment  |  Published: January 6, 2017

We hosted a live Q&A on Wednesday, Jan. 11 with our very own Dan Egan, Betterment’s Managing Director of Behavioral Finance and Investing.

Participants submitted their questions regarding tax planning, Betterment’s investing strategies, market events, and more. Read our answers here to make the most of your money in 2017.

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One of my resolutions for 2017 is to spend more time speaking directly with you, our customers. In 2016 alone, Betterment added about 92,000 customers, and those customers added 176,500 goals. While you’ll have received emails from me and other members of our investing and advice team, we’re not quite satisfied. We love hearing from you and speaking with you. So…

On Wednesday, Jan. 11 we hosted a live Q&A session right here on the Betterment Resource Center. We had people submit questions about anything and everything: our investment philosophy, our portfolio, tax efficiency, tax planning tips, the market, and more. Take a look at our answers below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates on when we’ll be hosting our next Q&A.

Live Blog Tax Season Q&A with Dan Egan

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