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Why Fintech Is One of the Most Promising Industries of 2015

By Maria Aspan

It’s been about two decades since a financial company really changed the world. Inc. 500 entrepreneurs are leading a pack of disrupters, raised in the shadow of PayPal, who will change your business relationship to money forever.

Bill Clerico is an unassuming bachelor. Slight, friendly, and coder-pale, he doesn’t appear to be the sort who’d revel in the ritual humiliations of a TV dating show. But for 44 minutes in 2011, you could find Clerico on Bravo, submitting his looks (“a little, nerdy redhead”), his three-year-old startup (“Nobody cares about a software company”), and his makeout game (“Do you really know how to kiss?”) to some derision on The Millionaire Matchmaker. “I was single then, and figured I would mortgage a little personal dignity for awareness,” Clerico says. “Did not find love.”

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This article originally published August 18th, 2015 on Inc.

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