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The World of FinTech Startups for Millennials

By Staff

CBS News’ Jill Schlesinger hosted a joint LinkedIn and Capgemini webinar with industry leaders discussing whether the digitization of wealth management is a disruption or evolution. The panel consisted of Bill Sullivan, head of global financial services market intelligence from Capgemini; Jon Stein, founder and CEO of Betterment; Rachel Perkel, head of marketing wealth management brokerage at Wells Fargo; Hardeep Walia, CEO of Motif Investing; and Hart Lambur, CEO of OpenFolio. The webinar covered how firms can survive, thrive, adapt and differentiate in the age of automated advice. You can listen to the full webinar here, or read a summary of the key points in a blog post written by Sullivan.

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This article originally published February 11th, 2016 on