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Robo Advisor Warns: The Zombies Are Coming, The Zombies Are Coming!

By Mike Byrnes

If you have seen a zombie movie, you know that regular humans are not prepared for the zombies when they attack. That is because the masses are unaware of what is happening early on. They only see the late stage when the zombies are threatening to wipe out the entire human race.

Just in time for Halloween, Dan Egan, director of behavioral finance at Betterment, spoke of zombies to prove a point. Right now the industry is not seeing the robo advisors’ client growth as a threat.

“You have to keep in mind zombies. People are not really good at estimating compound growth. The day before the population is one hundred percent zombies it was at fifty percent zombies. It is going to sneak up on you,” said Egan.

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This article originally published October 28th, 2015 on Financial Advisor Magazine


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