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Retirement Investing: Is This the Best Option for Almost Everyone?

By Brian Stoffel

Not everyone loves the process of researching and investing in stocks as much as we Fools do. In fact, the majority of people probably have a lot of other things on their plate and are simply looking for someone to wade through the confusing world of finance for them.

Sadly, this sometimes leads them to choose advisors who don’t have their best interests at heart. And though they may never realize it, this can significantly postpone the day when they are financially independent. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for services that help make retirement investing 1) easy to understand, 2) automatic, and 3) able to help people safely reach their financial goals as soon as possible.

Today I want to talk about Betterment, a service I believe meets those criteria as well as anyone else out there today. Read below to find out why.

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This article originally published December 13th, 2014 on Motley Fool