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The Wall Street Journal

Should Retirees Use Robo Advisers?

By Anne Tergesen

Robo-advisory services that pair algorithms with human help have long been popular with millennials because of their low fees. But as baby boomers increasingly embrace the trend, too, many companies are adding features for retirees.

Our adviser, Garrett Oakley, said Ellen and Greg have a 97% chance of being able to maintain their desired spending until age 90—Betterment’s default life expectancy—even after using the proceeds from selling their $1.5 million home, plus $400,000 in savings, to purchase a $1.75 million apartment. (The $400,000 would cover the difference in price, plus capital-gains taxes and transaction fees on the home sale.)

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This article originally published November 12th, 2017 on The Wall Street Journal


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