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Built in NYC

Pride Month’s here: We asked 5 NYC tech companies how they celebrate

By Katie Fustich

This month, Betterment plans to invite all of its employees to join in for a company-wide “Pinknic” to celebrate the LGBTQ+ members of the team and beyond. The event will take place on the Christopher Street Pier, a short walk from the iconic Stonewall Inn, where Pride Month as we know it was born.

“Events like our Pride Picnic are just one great way for a company to engage with, show their support of, and celebrate their LGBTQ+ communities,” said Betterment’s senior vice president of people, Lucy Babbage.

Betterment has shown its support for the queer community in the past through initiatives such as hosting events like a LGBT Wealth Management Panel and supporting investments in companies with LBGTQ leaders and missions.

“Efforts like these help foster empathy building and understanding to cultivate an environment where everyone can feel they are represented and valued,” Babbage said. “We see highlighting Pride Month through an open, company-wide event as an opportunity to create unity and encourage allyship throughout our entire company.”

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This article originally published June 6th, 2019 on Built in NYC