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I Wish I Knew Then: 10 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice

By Alejandro Cremades

2) There’s Never a Bad Time to Start a Company

Jon Stein is a cofounder of fintech firm Betterment. His company now manages $15 billion for thousands of users. Yet, the startup launched in the great recession, when most would have thought gaining traction would have been impossible, not to mention raising venture capital. It was a time when investors were scared, consumers were hurting and regulations were changing fast.

Yet, Jon points out many benefits of starting a company in a downturn as well. Perhaps most significant is that you are really going to have to create a product and business model that works and is desirable. Launching in flush times can make it easy too. Though it can hide flaws that will hit you later.

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This article originally published February 12th, 2019 on Forbes