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The Future of Financial Planning – An Interview with Jon Stein, Betterment

By Raef Lee

We recently interviewed key innovators in the world of financial planning. While their abbreviated comments appear in our latest white paper, “The Next Wave of Financial Planning,” the interviews were so informative and interesting we decided to create a series of blog posts. Our first interview was with Alex Murguia of inStream.

This, our second in the series is with Jon Stein, the CEO of Betterment ( Jon embraces the “robo-advisor” moniker, and so I felt free to use it in this post! Betterment is one of the most successful “robos” and has clocked up around $800M in AUM by the end of 2014. This year, they branched out and released the Betterment Institutional platform aimed at advisors. Jon is in much demand and he seems to be the “robo CEO” selected to represent all robos in panels at conferences. The press and panel moderators want to drive sound bites by playing the robos against advisors, but I think you will realize as you read this interview, that is not how Jon sees it.

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This article originally published January 20th, 2015 on SEI